School Ends Program Rather than Allow Bible References

Feb 9, 2016

School of MinesThe Colorado School of Mines has decided to end a program for its donors rather than allow full freedom of speech for those participating. The school had been allowing donors to honor members of the football team by placing nameplates on their lockers. The players were able to choose what was inscribed on the plate.  Read more

Saving Gabriel

Jan 29, 2016

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Cruz and Rubio Emerge from the Pack – Hear Their Thoughts on Faith and Policy

Jan 29, 2016

VotingBoxWithFlagMonday’s caucusing in Iowa produced some promising results for conservative voters. Sen. Ted Cruz came out the winner, followed by Donald Trump and Sen. Marco Rubio.  Read more

One-on-One With Rick Santorum

Jan 29, 2016

santorumThe latest in our presidential teleconference series features former Sen. Rick Santorum. He took a few minutes out from campaigning to speak to CitizenLink President and CEO Paul Weber.  Read more

Sen. Ted Cruz Talks Faith and Policy

Jan 28, 2016

Ted-Cruz-432-243Presidential candidate Ted Cruz spoke with CitizenLink’s Paul Weber as part of our presidential teleconference series. Weber spoke with Cruz about many topics, including his deeply held faith.  Read more