What One Politician Wishes She Had Known | Radio

Jul 29, 2015

Play10What’s the biggest surprise when it comes to public service? Find out why one politician was thankful to be surrounded by prayer partners.   Read more

Political Correctness, Children and God’s Plan for America | Radio

Jul 28, 2015

Play10It often seems like political correctness is winning out against God’s timeless truth. But a recent conference in Colorado Springs encouraged believers to stand for our nation, their voice and God’s plan.  Read more

Mt. Soledad Cross Will Stay | Radio

Jul 27, 2015

Play10A struggle to save a war memorial near San Diego is over. The Mt. Soledad Memorial Association has been allowed to purchase the memorial and surrounding ground. That means the cross on the property will remain.  Read more

‘I Will Remember’ | Radio

Jul 24, 2015

Play10 A trip to a car dealer leads to a story about a frightening accident, an uncommon memento, and a reminder to remember.  Read more

Half the Senate Pushes Planned Parenthood Investigation

Jul 23, 2015

Ultrasound EmailFifty senators have sent a letter to the HHS Secretary asking her to investigate Planned Parenthood’s role in the harvesting of the organs of preborn babies.  Read more

Chapel Owners in Court to Defend Religious Freedom| Radio

Jul 23, 2015

Play10An Idaho couple were ordered to perform same-sex ceremonies or face jail time and/or heavy fines. They were in court on Monday. Matt Sharp of Alliance Defending Freedom tells what happened.  Read more

Another Planned Parenthood Video Causes Problems for the Abortion Seller | Radio

Jul 22, 2015

Play10An new undercover video shows a Planned Parenthood national director talking about the practice of harvesting fetal tissue and organs for research. And, unbelievably, she’s negotiating a price.  Read more

Barbarians on the Bench

Jul 21, 2015

Tom Minnery Sketch EmailThis September, Tom Minnery will step back from his position as CitizenLink president. To honor his nearly 30 years in the public policy arena at Focus on the Family and CitizenLink, we decided to run a ‘Best of Tom’ article series. This piece was published in Citizen magazine in April 1999.  Read more

A Video Nightmare for Planned Parenthood | Radio

Jul 21, 2015

Play10The accusations against Planned Parenthood aren’t going away anytime soon.  Read more

Millions More Tax Dollars for Planned Parenthood | Radio

Jul 20, 2015

Play10The Obama Administration is giving millions more to Planned Parenthood — this time for “adolescent health.”  Read more

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