Tornado Warning | Radio

May 29, 2015

Play10Don’t miss the warning signs – the cloud of government is all around us.  Read more

California Moves Anti-Life Bill | Radio

May 28, 2015

Play10Pregnancy Centers in California may have to provide information about abortion services or face fines.   Read more

Anti-Life Bill Aims at Pregnancy Centers

May 27, 2015

Jonathan Keller EmailPro-life pregnancy centers in California may soon have to tell their clients about abortion services. The state Assembly passed the Pregnancy Counseling Discrimination Rule that would require all centers to promote abortion.  Read more

Will the Marriage Decision Affect Your Church? | Radio

May 27, 2015

Play10You can help your church or ministry insert God’s definition of marriage into its bylaws. Free resources are available.  Read more

We Told You So | Radio

May 26, 2015

Play10The ban on openly gay leaders in the Boy Scouts is about to end. But it’s hardly a surprise.  Read more

Thanks, Papa | Radio

May 25, 2015

Play10On this Memorial Day, Kim Trobee shares the story of her dad’s service in World War II – including the Battle of the Bulge.  Read more

Christians and Culture | Radio

May 22, 2015

Play10Should Christians just stay quiet about cultural issues? Paul Weber, vice president of strategy at CitizenLink, says it’s never ok to give up.  Read more

Protecting Marriage and Conscience | Radio

May 21, 2015

Play10Louisiana’s governor issues an executive order that protects individuals and business owners who do not want to participate in same-sex marriage ceremonies.  Read more

One Family’s Fight Means Religious Freedom for All | Radio

May 20, 2015

Play10Obamacare ran right over the rights of Christian business owners. Meet Anthony Hahn, president of Conestoga Wood Specialties. His pro-life convictions led his family to challenge the administration’s bad idea.  Read more

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