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September 29, 2009 Print

Turning the Tables on the ALA

by Candi Cushman

The American Library Association (ALA) claims its annual Banned Books Week—celebrated in public  and school libraries nationwide —is about “the freedom to read” and “open access” to ideas that are “unorthodox or unpopular.”

This provides an excellent opportunity for social conservatives to challenge the ALA to uphold its own principles. You can do that by simply going to your community library, or school library, and donating books that communicate a Christian and/or socially conservative perspective on hot-button issues like abortion and homosexuality.

Donating books is also a great way for your family to act as the “salt and light” in your community by giving others access to a redemptive perspective. Even though Banned Books Week officially ends after Oct. 1—your family can donate books any time of the year!

For  tips on how to donate books that offer alternative viewpoints, as well as information exposing the truth about ALA’s “banned books” claims, visit our resource page.



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