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November 18, 2009 Print

Planes, trains, and pornmobiles

by CitizenLink Team

A common defense of pornography is that it is a private activity or a choice among consenting adults. In the wi-fi age, this is no longer true. Washington Post staff writer Monica Hesse examines the trend of viewing pornography on public transportation. People are being held captive to public porn use on planes, trains and automobiles, which leaves it neither private nor consenting. She writes:

Perhaps this is the real problem: the increasingly blurred boundary between public and private. If we are so accustomed to burying our noses in tiny screens, carrying our entertainment in and out of the house, perhaps people are simply getting confused as to where they are.

The confusion over private and public boundaries conforms to porn’s design. Pornography inspires a self-centered “taking” approach to sex, so viewing it in public is a logical extension of this narcissistic impulse made possible through better technology. After all, as every porn fantasy teaches, it’s all about ME.


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