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January 1, 2010 Print

Member Update: It’s Time to Reverse Course

by Tom Minnery

Dear Friend,

God has blessed you and me with a golden opportunity. But we only get one crack at it.

I’m talking about the incredible, momentous opportunity that you and I have to roll back the disastrous ideology that has overwhelmed our federal government for the last year.

After twelve months of battling tooth and nail to hold back the anti-Christian, pro-abortion, anti-marriage and anti-religious-freedom schemes of the Left, you and I have a chance to reverse course and return our nation to sanity!

I’m talking about 2010, and especially, the 2010 elections.

Even Vice President Joe Biden recently admitted that the 2010 elections could be “the end of the road for what Barack and I are trying to do.” But he also said: “This is their one shot. If they don’t break the back of our effort in this upcoming election, you’re going to see the things we said we’re for, happen.” 1

For once, the Vice President and I see eye to eye. The reason I agree with him is that the Administration has dared to push such extreme measures—from out-of-control spending to a government takeover of health care to radical pro-abortion and anti-family policies—and the American people are fed up.

As evidence of that, President Obama recently hit a new low in approval rating at just 44 percent—down a stunning 21 points from his inauguration one year ago! More importantly, as a measure of the public’s intensity of opposition, 42 percent strongly disapprove of President Obama’s performance, while only 24 percent strongly approve. 2

Other polls are showing that Americans are increasingly inclined to throw the ruling party out in this fall’s mid-term election. 3 That presents us with a great opportunity, as Vice President Biden put it, to “break the back” of his anti-family agenda. But history has shown that such trends are often fleeting. The political pendulum tends to swing one way and then the other. None of us know what will happen in our nation over the next two years, and there’s no guarantee that the American people will feel the same way in 2012.

That’s why you and I must act with whole-hearted determination starting right now. Here’s what I have planned … and how you can help.

First, you and I have to deal with the ongoing, aggressive agenda being pushed by the White House and Congressional leaders. We’re going to face votes in Congress that, if passed, could cause irrevocable damage to our nation. Here are a few of the threats:

  • Your religious freedom—especially if you are a business owner or are involved in certain religious entities—could be radically altered. Homosexual activists, already giddy over passing a radical new federal hate crimes law last year, are pushing to pass their so-called Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).Under ENDA, Christian bookstores and Christian day cares—along with millions of business owners—could be forced to violate their deeply held beliefs. ENDA will not only affect hiring decisions, but because it protects “gender identity,” it will also cause difficulty when an existing employee decides to change the outward presentation of his or her identity as male or female—including through cross-dressing and sex-change operations.
  • You could be forced to dramatically increase your payments for abortions through your federal taxes—with little hope for reversing that in the future. Abortionists, along with their allies in Congress are pushing for repeal of the Hyde Amendment, which has for 33 years protected taxpayers from funding most abortions in our country. 4 And already a bill has been introduced that would take President Obama’s policy of funding international abortion groups and lock it into law so that a future pro-life president can’t reverse it again. 5
    Pro-abortion members of Congress are also likely to further attack conscience clause protections for medical professionals. And they may also target the longstanding Dickey Wicker amendment and thereby allow federal funding for the making of human embryos for research, even though such research requires killing the embryo. 6 A push to pass the draconian, pro-abortion Freedom of Choice Act 7 is also possible.
  • Your state could—depending on court rulings—be forced to recognize same-sex “marriages” from other states if Congress moves forward with a bill to repeal the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). For certain, it would force you to pay for various federal benefits to homosexual partners of federal employees. Already, the bill to repeal DOMA 8 has 105 co-sponsors in the House.
  • And there’s no doubt that Congress is strongly moving to dump the military’s policy against open homosexuality. That policy exists for obvious reasons and dates all the way back to Gen. George Washington. 9 But with this Congress, political correctness trumps national security, and that’s why you and I must fight this scheme with everything we can.

And there’s so much more. U.S. Rep. Barney Frank is fighting hard to overturn the federal law against Internet gambling—a huge problem that even impacts teenagers in the privacy of their homes. Already, he has succeeded in delaying enforcement of the law, but he could succeed in destroying this critical law altogether.

Crucial battles are also likely over radical appointments that President Obama has made, such as “Safe Schools Czar” Kevin Jennings, who has become a lightning rod of controversy because of his extensive and sordid history of promoting homosexuality to young students. The Left may also resurrect the Fairness Doctrine in some new form. And who knows how long the all-important health care battle will last in various forms?

Note to Congress: Pay now or pay later

As you know, the numbers in Congress are stacked against us on nearly every one of the battles I’ve mentioned. But members of Congress read the polls, and they know that the tide is turning against these liberal policies and the politicians who support them.

Thus, our number one strategy is to target politically vulnerable members and tie their votes to the upcoming election. By educating their constituents and raising awareness in their home district, members of Congress will be forced to make very difficult decisions. To borrow an old ad line, they can pay now (with a virtuous vote) or pay later (at the ballot box).

We’ve developed some exciting new ways to inform citizens in key districts and thereby put pressure on these politicians.

Some of it involves new technology that we are putting to use, and some of it involves old-fashioned, on-the-ground, organizational shoe leather. I can’t reveal more than that now, but I can’t wait to talk about the results!

As Election Day nears, our plan is even more exciting, as we have a whole new strategy for reaching swing voters who are likely to align with the values that you and I share. It already proved remarkably effective in last November’s off-year elections! The only question has to do with resources. In how many states—how many districts—will we be able to afford this proven program?

It’s up to you

Of course, winning will require sacrifice from all of us, and I urge you to help with financial resources if you possibly can. Some of you have been making our work possible for a long time—for which I am so grateful—yet with everything on the line this year, your continued faithful support is truly more important than ever.

If you’ve never supported this work financially—perhaps you make phone calls or have signed petitions or are with us in spirit, but haven’t contributed—this would be a great year to do so! As a new donor, your gift will provide new resources that can truly elevate the difference that Focus on the Family Action™ can make for our nation.

There are two major ways that you can financially support this 2010 operation:

  • Please consider making a monthly pledge—at least for this year. That regular support is a huge difference-maker and allows our team to budget and plan much more effectively. Whether you can give $25 a month or $100 a month or some other amount, please prayerfully consider this giving option. I’ve enclosed a form that makes the process easy.
  • Of course, we also welcome your one-time or occasional gifts, and this month would be a great occasion for your support. Congress has just come back in to session for the new year, and these enormous battles won’t wait. Your investment will be put to work in creative and strategic ways as we strive to uphold God’s standard of truth and righteousness for our nation.
  • Of course, we undergird everything we do with prayer to Him who can make blind eyes see and give victory in the face of overwhelming odds. I also ask you to join us in regular prayer for our nation throughout this entire year, and please ask others to join you. We can do no less with so much at stake.

Are you ready to help seize an incredible opportunity? As Nehemiah told the people of Israel: “Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes.” (Neh. 4:14)

In less than twelve months, this opportunity will have passed. Now is the time. Come join us in prayer, action and financial support. God bless you for taking a stand.


Tom Minnery
Senior Vice President
Government and Public Policy

P.S. By God’s grace, you and I have an incredible opportunity—and obligation—to stop the madness of the politicians running Washington. But as Vice President Biden said, it’s our “one shot.” Please join us in that effort by responding today!

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