January 14, 2010 Print

Talking About Sex

by Chad Hills

Sex is a tough subject to approach with your children, no doubt. You stutter, they squirm. But if parents don’t present the truth about sex and solid family values, plenty of sexually harmful messages are waiting in the shadows, classrooms and school halls.

Recent research in Pediatrics indicates that teen sexual activity is beginning before parents ever approach the subject – not good!

Research Findings:

  • Less than one-third of parents had ever talked to their children about reasons for not having sex.
  • By the time teens were engaging in genital touching with a partner, only 17% of parents had talked to their girls and 6% to their boys about how to refuse unwanted sexual advances.
  • Parents had not yet discussed refusal skills and the importance of not pressuring a partner into sex in about 25% of girls and 40% of boys by the time that they had engaged in sexual intercourse.

The Talk:

Be open, vulnerable, get involved and be real. Don’t be afraid to laugh and admit it’s awkward. This is one of the most important conversations you’ll ever have with your child.

Good resources for quick information: