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February 15, 2010 Print

Hostile Congress Makes Pro-Life Americans Look to States

by CitizenLink Team

Colorado Springs, Colo. — Thirty-four years after the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decisions of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton — legalizing unrestricted abortion — pro-life citizens remain committed to protecting women and their preborn children. Focus on the Family Senior Policy Analyst for Bioethics Carrie Gordon Earll issued the following statement today marking the anniversary of these court decisions:

“Leaders and members of the 110th Congress face a choice: will they be remembered as one of the most anti-life Congresses in recent history or will they take the high moral road and pass meaningful legislation that affirms the value of young human life? “Considering the voting records of those now in power, passing pro-life legislation in the 110th Congress is an unlikely event. Regardless, opportunities — like making adoption tax relief permanent, encouraging childbirth over abortion and preventing U.S. taxpayer dollars from being used to promote abortion — await.

“Fortunately, Congress isn’t the only elected body making policy on abortion. Several states are considering ‘trigger law’ legislation to ban abortion if the Supreme Court overturns Roe and Doe. Most recently, South Dakota and Louisiana, have approved such laws, and it’s likely more will follow. Legislation to ensure parental involvement in minor abortions and to provide women information on the risks of abortion, before they have one, are also on the table in some states.

“The composition of the Supreme Court may also serve as a source of optimism this year as it hands down a much-awaited decision on the constitutionality of the federal ‘Partial Birth Abortion Ban.’ “The membership of Congress, state legislatures and the Supreme Court will ebb and flow through the years but the pro-life movement will remain constant in its faithful determination to be a voice for life — born and preborn.”

As in previous years, Focus on the Family is partnering with churches and community pregnancy centers to help encourage and empower women facing unintended pregnancies to make life-affirming decisions for themselves and their children. This effort includes sponsoring Sanctity of Human Life Week (Jan. 21-28, 2007).