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July 13, 2010 Print

Montana School Board Considers Sex-Ed for Kindergartners, Parents Object

by CitizenLink Team

Parents in Helena, Mont., are fighting the public school board over an explicit sex-education curriculum being considered by the Helena School District.

The curriculum would start teaching children in kindergarten about family structures, and by 5th grade is shockingly explicit.

Teaching sex ed to kindergarteners is a strong emphasis of the administration and is being heavily pushed by gay donors and activists, as well as SIECUS – the Sexuality and Information Council of the United States.

According to their “Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education, Kindgergarten-12th Grade,” SIECUS claims “sex education in the early primary years sets a foundation for later, more in-depth education.”

In 2007, then-Senator Obama told Planned Parenthood that sex education for kindergarteners, as long as it is “age-appropriate,” is “the right thing to do.”

The school board held a public comment period last night and family groups made their voice heard.

“If this passes, we couldn’t send our children to the public school,” said expectant mother Theresa Frei. “It would violate their innocence. I couldn’t do that to my child.”

The board will decide on August 10th whether it will adopt the curriculum.

“Where else in society could a person talk to a fifth-grader – a 10-year-old – about intimate details of sex,” said Jeff Laszloffy, executive director of the Montana Family Foundation, ” and not be brought up on child abuse charges?”

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