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August 19, 2010 Print

Warnings of Online-Gambling Dangers

by Chad Hills

Question: At what point can ignorance be classified as blatant irresponsibility?

Answer: When fully informed people continue to pursue bad choices.

Such is the case in the U.S. with several Members of Congress and their relentless pursuit of online gambling legalization (or “regulation”).

So-called regulation isn’t working so well for France, as “…many online gambling sites, although licensed to operate elsewhere in the European Union, have refused to adhere to the additional requirements necessary to obtain a license to operate in France.” 

The Korea Times reports massive social problems associated with Internet gambling as “The country is struggling to deal with its rapidly-growing population of Internet gamblers, as authorities continue to be exposed for their ineptitude in detecting and suppressing the illegal activity.

“…A slew of shocking cases involving game addiction including deaths by exhaustion, murder and child neglect have authorities vowing to clamp down on the amount of time gamers can spend playing online games.”

In Canada, “Roughly one in five (20%) Internet gamblers have a problem — a rate three to four times higher than ‘land-based’ gaming,” according to the Calgary Herald.

Also, consider that a small percent of the heaviest gamblers generate 41 percent of all gambling revenue, according to a University of Lethbridge study (2007).

This same study also found that children could easily place bets on Internet gambling sites, many of which seemed to care more about their profits than acting responsibly. Some Canadians compare online gambling to a worm that destroys lives

What’s the take-away message for the U.S.? Internet gambling is like Pandora’s Box – don’t open it.