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February 3, 2011 Print

Check Out the Senators Who Bucked Their Home States on the Health Care Repeal

by CitizenLink Team

As expected, the Senate voted on but failed to pass a repeal of President Obama’s health care law.  The vote tally was 47-51 in opposition.  Sixty votes were needed.   As my colleague Bruce pointed out here and here, the health care law fight isn’t over.  A federal judge recently declared the health care law unconstitutional, and a whopping 26 states had joined in that lawsuit.  Virginia has filed a separate lawsuit and Oklahoma plans to.

So, if your state is filing a lawsuit to have the health care law declared unconstitutional, wouldn’t you, as a U.S. senators make sure to vote in favor of the law’s repeal? Well, 18 U.S. senators said no, and bucked their state’s lawsuit to make sure that the behemoth health care train keeps charging ahead.  (Did I mention a majority of Americans want the law repealed?)

The following is a list of senators (all Democrats but trust me, had there been any Republicans, they’d be there too), whose states are currently fighting against the health care law but who voted against repealing it anyway (I’ve also included the only two non-voting senators):

  1. Alaska — Begich (D)
  2. Colorado — Bennet (D), Udall (D)
  3. Connecticut — Lieberman (I) ** did not vote**
  4. Florida  — Nelson (D),
  5. Iowa — Harkin (D)
  6. Louisiana — Landrieu (D)
  7. Michigan — Levin (D),  Stabenow (D)
  8. Nebraska — Nelson (D)
  9. Nevada — Reid (D)
  10. North Dakota — Conrad (D)
  11. Ohio — Brown (D)
  12. Pennsylvania — Casey (D)
  13. South Dakota — Johnson (D)
  14. Virginia — Webb (D),  Mark Warner (D) ** did not vote **
  15. Washington — Cantwell (D), Murray (D)
  16. Wisconsin — Kohl (D)

Of the 18 senators who voted against the repeal and their state’s lawsuit position, nine are up for re-election in 2012.  Remember their names:

  1. Ohio — Sherrod Brown (D)
  2. Washington — Maria Cantwell (D)
  3. Pennsylvania — Robert Casey, Jr. (D)
  4. North Dakota — Kent Conrad (D)
  5. Wisconsin — Herb Kohl (D)
  6. Nebraska — Ben Nelson (D)
  7. Florida — Bill Nelson (D)
  8. Michigan — Debbie Stabenow (D)
  9. Virginia — Jim Webb (D)

As always, you can use our CitizenLink Action Center to contacted your elected officials.


  • February 04, 2011 at 10:10 am, James Gillia said:

    So, one judge out of four decided that the health care law is unconstitutional! What of the other federal judge that declared the law constitutional? Do we suuport tose senators that followed that judges ruling? Oh, we only follow the judges we agree with and try to diminish the other judges.. This is what is wrong with this country! It’s constatntly an “us-verse-them” mentality. How about a discussion about what in the health law needs to be fixed. This blanket decision will affect children on their parents insurance, people with pre-existing conditions and those that simply can’t afford insurance. Yeah, those things are good, so why don’t we tweak the law, like the president has said to do, so that way more people are covered under a cheaper plan. Or… how about simply making it a single payer system that way everyone has equal access… Yes, I know, that’s a crazy idea…

  • February 04, 2011 at 8:45 pm, Magnum Serpentine said:

    I will be sure to vote for those senators (Above) who voted to make insurance companies accept those with pre-existing conditions and to allow people’s children to keep their parents health insurance coverage till age 26.

    The polls I have seen say that there is a even split on healthcare for everyone.

  • February 06, 2011 at 5:12 pm, Pat Gideon said:

    Senator Nelson Nebraska did not learn his lesson. After his Christmas Eve vote to pass Obamacare he came back to Nebraska and was booed out of a pizza place in Omaha because of his vote ( article in Omaha World Herald). His office won’t answer the phone most of the time and now he doesn’t vote to repeal his very bad unconstitutional mistake. I will be extremely surprised if he even runs in 2012. I’m sure he has already been promised some cushy job in Washington DC for his support of the Dems and Harry Reid.


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