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February 17, 2011 Print

Bieber Concern

by Chad Hills

“I don’t think you should have sex with anyone unless you love them,” pop-star Justin Bieber told Rolling Stone in February 2011. The interview continued, “When asked if he believes in abstinence until marriage, Bieber – who is reportedly dating fellow teen star Selena Gomez – seems wary: ‘I think you should just wait for the person you’re…in love with.’”

Should Bieber’s statement cause concern?

There’s a big difference between waiting for that “loving feeling” to have sex, versus committing to love someone for a lifetime – in marriage – before having sex.

The first approach is very risky, but yields temporary satisfaction in the moment.

The second approach is safe, but it requires a firm choice, patience and self-control. In return, however, it brings a deep, intimate satisfaction within the context of a healthy and stable marriage for a lifetime.

The secular music and entertainment industry is a sexual and political minefield for adult artists, much less for kids. Justin is already being asked – and criticized – for his political beliefs, when he probably can’t even tell you why he ate waffles for breakfast.

Bieber’s only a kid, and he’s being swept directly into the center of the extremely profane, hyper-sexualized, violent and self-indulgent culture of R&B. Moreover, Justin’s being “mentored” by the very crude and sexually explicit R&B icon, Usher.

The Bible warns us in 1 Cor. 15:33,   “Do not be misled: ‘Bad company corrupts good character.’” Temptation is an ever-present force when people are in the spotlight.

What can you do? Pray hard for these people. Because, as Miley Cyrus  and others have discovered, it’s much more difficult to keep your faith in the limelight.

Being young and famous does not destine you to moral failure, but it does mean you need to know where you stand – before you take the stand. NFL football star, Tim Tebow, is proof that it can be done.

Whether or not you like Bieber or R&B-style music, I know Justin’s mother is concerned. And she’s praying for her son’s protection. Shouldn’t we do the same?

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  • February 18, 2011 at 1:49 pm, Justin W said:

    I would suggest Justin Bieber’s mother needs to do more than pray. She needs to set the standard of what her son’s handlers can and can’t do.

    The Billy Ray Cyrus interview should be required reading for all parents of teen/child stars. We have seen many times that the teen stars grow into adults with major problems which trace back to their star days.

    • May 20, 2011 at 4:46 pm, Chad Hills said:

      Hey, another Justin,

      Thanks for your comments. It think you’re right, in that Justin’s mother may be forfeiting her input into his life by allowing him to enter at such an young age – and so quickly – into the explicit R&B world. This is rough and tough place in the music world. Bill Ray Cyrus does have some wisdom … Here’s Focus on the Family’s take on Cyrus.

  • February 18, 2011 at 3:43 pm, Christopher Lee said:

    I, too, am deeply concerned that Justin will be navigating this sexual minefield of secular music without proper guidance. He needs the hands-on experience of a mature, Christian man to show him the
    deep, intimate satisfaction that being in a committed marriage provides. Pray for Justin. Pray for Canada.

  • February 19, 2011 at 9:37 am, iamink said:

    So your against r&b music, and think Usher is the devil. Haha! Yes, the almighty “God” that supposedly created the universe and everything there after came to earth and said that r&b music and Usher should be spited… lol

    Its the 21st century… please stop thinking burning, talking bushes and talking snakes were actually real.

    Logic is @ hand and the more time we have as a reasonable thinking culture, the more we will understand the truth behind religion.

    • April 01, 2011 at 6:55 pm, Chad Hills said:

      Hello iamink,

      Thanks for reading CitizenLink and commenting.

      Gosh, I must be this archaic, Victorian prude. Haha! I probably listen to German accordion and tuba music from the 1800’s or something. Haha! I’d better “get with it,” huh?

      I’d better stop believing in that dusty old Bible lore. Who could ever believe that burning-bush-snake-pyramid-Moses stuff, anyway?

      Well, actually, I do listen to old Polka music and some fine Swiss yodeling, but that’s only when I’m in the great outdoors hunting deer. I admit it, and I love it.

      And here’s a really funny thing: I do believe the Bible is accurate, true and applicable to historical life and modern life (even R&B). And I also believe in good, evil, the truth, lies, reality, God, Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit and even the devil. But what would you expect from an old guy?

      Here’s something else that may surprise you: I probably listen to harder music than anything you’ve heard, and it has a message that is good. The musicians I like (my wife calls them “screamers”) don’t feel the need to use profanity, violence, degrade women, talk up suicide or chant vulgar sex acts on the stage. Hard rock can be clean, and even (shhhh, by all means don’t tell your friends) Christian. Yes, way!

      You read much into my blog about the beloved Bieber … may a thousand fleas nest on my scalp before any concern be expressed about the path Justin’s walking. After all, he’s untouchable and perfect, right?

      And, you’re a “highly-modern-with-it” Bieber fan, I take it?

      Though I’m not a huge fan of R&B music, I’m not against it (Toby Mac has some great lyrics in his R&B music). But in the secular music realm, Bieber is still a very impressionable, young man in a highly sexual, violent and vulgar world of R&B. And I know Bieber influences many other teens who like R&B, as well.

      If I were to hand pick a mentor to keep Justin on a healthy path during his run of fame and fortune, I would certainly not pick Usher.

      What, because Usher’s the devil? No. Usher’s a fluffy marshmallow bunny compared to the devil. My point is that Usher’s not living a good life model to duplicate. I think he’ll lead Justin down the wrong path – I hope I’m wrong. But I’m concerned for him, so I pray.

      Last thing: You said, “Logic is @ hand … more time we have … more we will understand the truth behind religion.” Hmm. I think we have all the truth we need in the Bible, so why chase religion?

      What I’m talking about is a personal, loving relationship with Jesus Christ. That’s logic. That’s authentic. That’s reality. That’s truth.

      And, yes, this is the 21st century. Thanks for the reminder, I almost forgot. (Anyone seen my teeth?)

      The Old, Dusty Guy


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