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March 2, 2011 Print

35 Years of Freedom from Homosexuality – Part 3

by Jeff Johnston

Homosexuality – Inborn? Unchangeable?

A number of readers have responded to my blogs about Exodus’ 35th anniversary and about the journey out of homosexuality that I began 25 years ago. Many have claimed that people are “born gay” (they’re not, even if Lady Gaga says so) and that people cannot change sexual behavior, attractions and identity (they can, I’ve seen and experienced it).

Some readers have denied the real change in my life and have questioned the veracity of my story– often with offensive language. I won’t have a lengthy response to the personal attacks, except to say that many of us who have left homosexuality have heard these same accusations for years. After awhile you get used to seeing “ex-gay” in quotes. We just keep living our lives, following Jesus as best we can.

In addition, Focus on the Family does not say that homosexual attractions are a choice; we do believe all people are made in the image of God – while acknowledging that all of us are marred by sin; and we do not think change on this issue is easy. But freedom from homosexuality is very possible.

I am working on longer articles about change and being “born gay,” but in the meantime, those who are open-minded and interested might want to check out a few websites and articles that address these topics.

My Genes Made Me Do It, by Dr. Neil and Briar Whitehead, is available as a free download on their web site. The authors address many significant questions about homosexuality, including: genetics, twin studies, culture, hormones, brains and change. http://www.mygenes.co.nz/download.htm

“The Innate-Immutable Argument Finds No Basis in Science”, by Dr. A. Dean Byrd, Dr. Shirley E. Cox, and Dr. Jeffrey Robinson shows what research and researchers sayabout change from homosexuality. http://narth.com/2010/09/the-innate-immutable-argument-finds-no-basis-in-science/

“Myths and Misconceptions about Behavioral Genetics and Homosexuality,” by Douglas A. Abbott, PhD, explains the role of genes in human behavior. http://narth.com/docs/080307Abbott_NARTH_article.pdf

Testimonies and research continue to show that freedom from homosexuality is real.