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March 22, 2011 Print

Ask Your Representative to Support Abstinence Education

by Chad Hills

Each year, Members of Congress circulate a letter in support of abstinence-centered education.  This year is no exception.  Rep. Bill Flores, a Republican freshman member from Texas, and Rep. Dan Boren, a Democrat member from Oklahoma are bipartisan leaders on the letter. They are urging Congress to reestablish a priority on abstinence education in the federal policy for sex education.

Schools should uphold and expect the highest standards for sexual behavior, and parents should be the primary educators of their children in the area of sexuality. Abstinence-centered programs teach the highest expected standard – abstinence until marriage – along with building on character and parent-child communication. Most quality abstinence programs strive to create healthy behaviors and teach kids how to achieve their future goals without compromising their futures by having sex outside of marriage. As parents and teachers, we all want the very best for our children.

Please take a moment to contact your Congressional Representative and urge him or her to sign on to the letter asking for renewal of abstinence-centered program funding. Visit the CitizenLink Action Center to get started.


  • http://repcmp@oregonfast.net Claudette Poirier

    Please forward this to Rep. Peter DeFazio. He is our Rep. here in Oregon. Thank you

  • Walter Hitt

    We need to teach teens self control as well as the consequences of pre-marial sex. The family is the corner stone of society and early sex debases marriage and committment to the family.

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