April 13, 2011 Print

Congress to Square Off Over Planned Parenthood Funding

by Jennifer Mesko

By Friday night, most of the 535 members of Congress are likely to be on record on whether taxpayers should be subsidizing Planned Parenthood.

As part of the recent budget compromise, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid agreed to let the Senate vote on legislation that would defund the nation’s largest abortion business. That vote is likely to come late Thursday or Friday, after the House votes on the measure Thursday. The votes are separate from those on the spending bill that would fund the government through September.

“We already know (the Planned Parenthood) vote will fail, since 41 Democrats signed a letter … saying they’d oppose such a measure,” writes pro-life blogger and speaker Jill Stanek. “But House Majority Leader John Boehner’s strategy is to force so-called Democrat moderates to go on the record, potentially getting ammo for the 2012 elections.”

Jordan Sekulow, director of policy and international operations for the American Center for Law and Justice, said the vote is a step in the right direction.

“Although this continues to be an uphill battle, an unsuccessful vote that puts senators on the record helps get us closer to a Congress that has the political will to defund Planned Parenthood once and for all,” he writes. “Until then, our government will continue to fund one of the DNC’s (Democratic National Committee’s) best grassroots outfits.”

In fiscal year 2008-09, almost one-third of Planned Parenthood’s budget — $363 million — came from government grants and contracts.

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