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April 28, 2011 Print

Quick Guide: Articles on Homosexual Activism in Schools

by Candi Cushman

The following is a sampling of our analysis on the issue of homosexual activism in schools. Click on the links below to go directly to that article.

Taxpayer Money Awarded to GLSEN-For the Next Five Years

Dear Education Dept: Can We Have Some Balance, Please?

Federal Officials Endorse Gay Activist Groups in Public Schools

All Kids Should Be Protected from Bullying

Schools Should Not Mandate Pro-Gay Teaching

Focus on the Family Unveils True Tolerance Website

Fast Facts & Talking Pts on Bullying in Schools

The Problem with Politicized Bullying Policies

Teen Suicide is a Complex Issue

Parents beware of deceptive “anti-bullying” initiatives

Focus on the Family Publishes Open Letter Response to GLSEN Board Member

Dig Deeper: What’s Behind the Scenes at the White House Anti-Bullying Summit

Who Needs Congress? the Obama Administration Certainly Doesn’t

Gay Activists Use Federal Summit to Push for Homosexuality Teaching in Elementary Schools

Activists Seek to Control Schools with Federal Mandates

Can Students Promote Biblical Sexuality?

Legalizing Gay Marriage Directly Impacts Our Schools

Capturing Children’s Minds

Indoctrination in the Name of  ‘Safe Schools’ (report on Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings)

GLSEN’s Recommended Book List

The Truth About GLSEN’s School Climate Report

Standing for True Diversity in Public Libraries

Help for Parents Who Feel Powerless


School Board Demonstrates Political Correctness Gone Nuts

‘My Biblical Views Won’t Change,’ Declares Counseling Student

Jennings Attacked Christian Student Group

Homosexual-Themed Bill Goes Too Far–Even for the ACLU

Fighting Fire with Fire … or Bullying with Bullying

Parents Upset About Sexual Survey Given to 7th Graders

Homosexual Activist Group Targets School Sports Programs

What We Can Learn from NY Bullying Bill

Skewed Priorities in California (Harvey Milk Day Celebrated in Classrooms)

The Life and Times of Harvey Milk

Got Milk?

ACLU Needs to Stop Bullying Our Schools

Prom Case Used to Push Political Agenda in School

The Constitutional Right to a Prom?

What Children Learn During GLSEN’s No Name-Calling Week

Five Talking Points: For Opposing Discrimination Against Ex-Gay Speakers in Public Schools

GLSEN’s Corporate Connections

School Awards Graduation Credit for Day of Silence

Update: Alameda School Board Fails to Address the Real Problem

Alameda Case Reveals Gay Activists’ Latest Tactics

Homosexual Activists Reveal Their Cards

The Chaos Begins–Letting Boys Use Girls Restrooms

Since When Does Listening to Voters Amount to Being “Bullied”?

Your Voice Makes a Difference In New Hampshire

Indoctrination By Any Other Name

More Scary Stuff in GLSEN’s Safe Space Kit

GLSEN Under Fire For Porn-Filled Books

Maine’s Attorney General Ignores Facts in Marriage Battle

GLSEN’s Ironic Ad Campaign