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Quick Guide: God’s Design for Sexuality; Sexual Brokenness and Restoration

by Chad Hills

The following is a compendium of our analysis on the issues of sexual health and risk avoidance.  Click on the links below to go directly to that article.

Abstinence and “Comprehensive” Sexual Education

Abstinence Education: Myths and the Truth

Bad Sex Ed in Your School? What Parents Can Do

FAQ about Abstinence Education

Take Twelve: Top 12 Sexual Myths Refuted

Biblical Sexuality

A Christian Vision of Marriage and Family

Colorado Statement on Biblical Sexual Morality

God’s Design for Sexuality

Sex: A Gift and A Responsibility

The Value of Male and Female

Quick Facts

Condom Quick Facts

HIV-AIDS Quick Facts

Oral Sex Quick Facts

STD Quick Facts

Teen Pregnancy Quick Facts

Teen Sexual Behavior Quick Facts

Restoring Sexual Wholeness

Healing for Pornography and Sexual Addiction

Homosexuality: Is Change Possible?

Homosexuality: What Do We Mean when We Talk about Change?

Human Trafficking: Rescued, Restored and Reaching Out

Understanding Homosexuality

Sexual Brokenness

A Look Inside Transnational Sex Trafficking

Reaching the Point of Anger: Pornography and Sex Trafficking in America

The ‘Seamless Fabric’

Talking with Your Kids about Sex and Sexuality

Before the Talk – Dealing with Our Past

Dear Parents: Let’s Talk about Doing

Talking About Sex 


Abstinence provides better chance for women’s education

Bypassing parents to push teen sex

Casual Sex: Treat the symptom or get to the root?

CDC Releases More Sexual Behavior Data

Condoms at 12, OK in the U.K.

Could NOT having sex before marriage be good for you?

Harvard feminist irony

Healthy Trends: Fewer Youth Choosing to Have Sex

HIV-AIDS, Persistent and Present Danger

International Guidelines on Sexuality Education

Keep Sex at Bay Until Your Wedding Day, Drive Poverty Away

More abstaining, YRBSS 2009

Most Teens Not Having Sex

Most Teens Want to Be Abstinent Until Marriage

Nuclear Families Healthiest for Children

Parents Want to be Primary Sex Educators

Politics, Pseudo-Science and Sex Ed

Saving Souls Out of Sex in Sin City

Sex Ed’s Exaggerated Claims

Sexual exploitation of 10-year-olds? – Part I

Sexual exploitation of 10-year-olds? – Part II

Study: Half of Sexually Active Men May Have HPV

UK Gives Comp-Sex Ed Failing Grade

Un-Hooking in the Casual-Sex Culture

Why Abstinence? It’s Right and It Works

World Cup AIDS