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May 2, 2011 Print

Rhode Island House Speaker Pushes Civil Unions, Gay Activists Revolt

by CitizenLink Team

Even though Rhode Island House Speaker Gordon Fox was forced to abandon his plans to legalize same-sex marriage this session, he is not giving up. A Democrat and an open homosexual, is set to introduce Tuesday a civil unions bill.

But gay activists aren’t lining up behind him. In fact, Marriage Equality Rhode Island is mounting a protest rally to coincide with the bill’s introduction. A representative of the group said today that it would not “accept the legalized discrimination civil unions would create. Our demand has always been for the recognition of full equality, not the establishment of a second class of citizenship.”

Maggie Gallagher, chairman of the board of National Organization for Marriage, said the stunning defeat of the same-sex marriage bill has left gay activists in disarray.

“It’s the bluest of the blue states,” she said. “And their inability to pass gay marriage in Rhode Island — coming on the heels of their defeat in another deep blue state, Maryland — is a sign of how little popular support there is for gay marriage.”

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