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May 18, 2011 Print

Gay-Activist Groups Challenge Virginia’s Adoption Rules

by CitizenLink Team

For years, Virginia has allowed only married couples or single adults to adopt, and private adoption agencies have been able to make decisions based on their religious beliefs.

Family advocates would like to keep it that way.

New rules initiated by former Gov. Tim Kaine would have forced private adoption agencies to place children with gay or lesbian singles. In April, the state Social Services Board voted to stick with the original regulations.

Now, a coalition of gay-activist groups, including Equality Virginia and the American Civil Liberties Union, is asking the state to reconsider its decision and accept more public comments on the issue. The groups have threatened legal action.

“It is unfortunate that homosexual special-interest groups seem bent on putting their political agenda ahead of the needs of children in Virginia,” said Victoria Cobb, president of The Family Foundation.

Gov. Bob McDonnell’s office said there has already been a lengthy public comment period.

“Citizen input during that period ran overwhelmingly in favor of keeping Virginia’s adoption regulations in their current, and longstanding, form,” said Tucker Martin, a spokesman for the governor.

Why marriage matters to children.

Visit The Family Foundation of Virginia’s website.


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