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May 19, 2011 Print

Quick Guide: Homosexuality and Gender

by Jeff Johnston

Below is an index of our issues analysis articles on homosexuality and gender. Click on the article title to go directly to that article.

Christianity and Homosexuality

Answering Newsweek on Same-Sex Marriage and the Bible

Answering Pro-Gay Revisionist Theology: Talking Points

Casting God’s Vision for Sex and Sexuality

Dig Deeper: So What Does the Bible Say about Homosexual Practice?

God and Sex

Pro-Gay Revisionist Theology: An Overview 

Pro-Gay Revisionist Theology: Did God Really Say…?

Responding to Pro-Gay Theology: General Religious Arguments


Ask, Then Don’t Listen: A Look at the Pentagon Report on Open Homosexuality in the Military

Navy Chaplain’s Memo is Revealing for What It Doesn’t Say 

Education and Homosexuality

The Life and Times of Harvey Milk 

Gender Identity, Transgenderism and Intersexuality

2010: Year of the Transsexual?

‘Transgenderism’ and the Deconstruction of Gender

We’re in a World of Gender Confusion

What About Intersexuality?

What About “Transgenderism”?

When John Wants to be ‘Jane’

Hate Crimes

FBI’s ‘Hate Crimes’ Report Once Again Dispels Myths

Health Concerns

Childhood Sexual Abuse and Male Homosexuality 

Condom Quick Facts

Dig Deeper: “The Risk-Taking Behavior of the Gay Party Male”

HIV-AIDS, Persistent and Present Danger

HIV-AIDS Quick Facts 

The LGBT Data Collection Bill and Health Disparities

Oral Sex Quick Facts

STD Quick Facts

Study: Half of Sexually Active Men May Have HPV

Religious Liberty, Free Speech and the Homosexual-Activist Movement

Hold Exodus Accountable for Its Actions 

The Penalty for Diversity

The Right to Counseling for Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions: Talking Points

Tolerance, Diversity and the Freedom to Choose 

Whatever Happened to the Marketplace of Ideas?

Same-sex Marriage and Parenting

Dig Deeper: Happy Parent’s Day! Who Really Needs a Dad, Anyway?

Understanding Same-Sex Attractions and the Journey Out

2009 APA Convention Presentation: ExGays? An Extended Longitudinal Study of Attempted Religiously Mediated Change in Sexual Orientation

Are People Really “Born Gay”?

Can Gays Really Change? A Review of the Jones and Yarhouse Study on Ex-Gays

Homosexuality: Real Hope and Real Change

Is Change Possible?

Psychologists Show Change in Orientation is Not Harmful

Responding to Pro-Gay Social Arguments: ‘Homosexuality Cannot be Changed’

Responding to Pro-Gay Social Arguments: ‘Homosexuality is Inborn’ 

Responding to Pro-Gay Social Arguments: ‘Ten Percent of the Population is Gay’

Understanding Male Homosexuality – God’s Power to Change Lives, Part 1

Understanding Male Homosexuality – God’s Power to Change Lives, Part 2

Understanding Male Homosexuality – God’s Power to Change Lives, Part 3

What Do We Mean When We Talk About Change?

What Does the Research Show about Homosexuality? 

When Harry Met Linda: Another ‘Ex-Gay’ Penguin Makes a Splash 

Resources for Strugglers and their Families, Friends and Churches

Understanding Homosexuality

Homosexuality Resources