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June 2, 2011 Print

Recruiting Kids? Read It In Their Own Words

by Candi Cushman

All too often when parents have dared to express sincere concerns about homosexuality lessons being promoted to their children in public schools, they’re met with skepticism– or even worse, derided as ignorant and accused of using fear-mongering tactics.

U.S. Department of Education Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings—who also founded GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network—ridiculed concerns of “fundamentalists” as “total nonsense” and said “these folks are total hypocrites” in an article he wrote for the Huffington Post.

He levied similar accusations in a speech made several years ago, stating that “It’s easy to panic people if you make them think that they’re after your kids.”

But guess what? Now people in his own political camp are openly acknowledging that—actually—yes, they do in fact want to indoctrinate kids.

That’s pretty much the headline of an article written by a gay activist, entitled ” Can We Please Start Admitting That We Do Actually Want to Indoctrinate Kids? (We covered this issue in this week’s CitizenLink report video. To watch, click here.)

Due to the explicit images on the website, and the article’s graphic sexual references, we have not posted a direct link. But these excerpts from the article give you the general idea:

  • “Recruiting children? You bet we are. Why would we push anti-bullying programs or social studies classes that teach kids about the historical contribution of famous queers unless we wanted to deliberately educate children to accept queer sexuality as normal?”


  •  “I and a lot of other people want to indoctrinate, recruit, teach and expose children to queer sexuality—AND THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.”  

The author then goes on to assert that those who disagree with this viewpoint are just “ignorant, hateful little morons.”

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