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June 13, 2011 Print

Please Change Your Faith – To Suit Me

by Jeff Johnston

Students and alumni from several conservative, evangelical colleges have begun asking their schools to change policies, theology or position statements about homosexuality and transgenderism. Others have set up organizations to reach out to lesbian-, gay-, bisexual-, transgender-, or queer identified (LGBTQ) students.

LGBTQ- identified students, alumni and their allies have written letters, signed petitions, and created websites and facebook pages to promote their cause. The schools involved include Cedarville University, Hope College, Messiah College, Seattle Pacific University, Westmont College, Wheaton College and more, what the Wheaton LGBTQ and Allies website describes as “The Movement.”  

The Wheaton LGBTQ website is typical, stating, “We do not believe there is anything wrong with being gay. We don’t just believe otherwise, we live happily, and even faithfully, otherwise.”

The Cedarville group concurs, “Most of us still identify as Christian and are joined in our belief that God made us gay and that being gay is not a sin. Instead of a burden or a struggle, we see our and everyone’s sexuality as a gift.”

 To affirm homosexuality and transgenderism takes some major Scripture twisting. Here are just a few of the basic tenets of the faith that these colleges and universities would have to change to embrace LGBTQ theology:

  • Humanity is created male and female in the image of God
  • God established marriage to bring into union a husband and wife and as the foundation for procreation and family
  • The metaphor of husband and wife is the central biblical image that illustrates God’s deep passion for his people and Christ’s love for his Bride, the Church

To affirm homosexual and transgender identity and behavior is to ignore 5,000 years of Judeo-Christian consensus and teaching, and assault core features of what it means to be human.

God loves all people and wants His people to reach out with love and compassion. At the same time, we must not distort the truth. We pray that the staff, students and alumni from these schools can hold fast to the truth while reaching out in love.