August 24, 2011 Print

Judge Considering Broadcasting Prop. 8 Proceedings

by Karla Dial

A U.S. District Court judge will hear arguments Aug. 29 over whether footage and digital recordings of the last year’s court proceedings concerning California’s ban on same-sex marriage can be broadcast.

Retired Judge Vaughn R. Walker, the homosexual judge who presided over that case, said he recorded the arguments for his personal review. Though the U.S. Supreme Court ruled it could only be broadcast in federal district court viewing areas, Walker later used a three-minute video clip in college lectures.

Many pastors and other Prop. 8 supporters found themselves targeted by radical homosexuals during the campaign and afterward, prompting many to hire personal security guards in the wake of credible death threats.

“Just because the trial’s over doesn’t mean that threat isn’t still there,” said CitizenLink Judicial Issues Analyst Bruce Hausknecht. “Judge Walker himself promised the parties to the lawsuit that only he, Walker, would ever look at the video, and only during his deliberations. That’s obviously being violated just by the request.

“Why is this judge even considering this request, given that both the trial judge and the Supreme Court have already spoken?”

Review the U.S. Supreme Court’s Oct. 5, 2010 decision, dismissing of a dispute over the release of the videotapes.

Read ProtectMarriage’s Motion to Vacate Judge Walker’s Prop 8 Decision.

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