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October 20, 2011 Print

Parental Rights Vs. Government-School Hijack

by Chad Hills

Parents are furious.


State governments are usurping parents’ God-given rights, responsibilities and roles in raising their children as they see fit, and to impart family values and morals regarding sexuality to their children. Our children’s morals and values are being hijacked by liberal state officials and schools boards.

For instance, on the West Coast, Governor Jerry Brown passed a California bill allowing minors as young as 12-years-old (7th graders) to get vaccinated for human papillomavirus (or HPV, a sexually transmitted infection) without notification or consent of their parents. See CitizenLink.com video coverage and CitizenLink.com news coverage …

Wisconsin passed a law that made explicit, contraceptive-based sex-ed mandatory in public schools, but another bill advocating for abstinence education may soon give parents a choice.

Meanwhile, on the East Coast, in New York, Mayor Bloomberg did the same thing as Wisconsin. He made contraceptive-based sex education mandatory in New York City public schools, regardless of family religions, beliefs or values.

There seems to be a growing trend to distort sexuality, remove it from the context of man-woman marriage and increasingly sexualize our schools. A constant battle wages between explicit anything-goes-contraceptive-based sex education and abstinence-until-marriage education.

A professor of politics at Princeton, Robert P. George, and Melissa Moschella, a doctoral candidate in political theory at Princeton, wrote an excellent Op-Ed that appeared in the New York Times (10-18-2011): “Does Sex Ed Undermine Parental Rights?”

George and Moschella ask an important question regarding the New York sex-ed mandate:

“Observers can quarrel about the extent to which what is being mandated is an effect, or a contributing cause, of the sexualization of children in our society at younger ages…. But beyond rival moral visions, the new policy raises a deeper issue: Should the government force parents — at least those not rich enough to afford private schooling — to send their children to classes that may contradict their moral and religious values on matters of intimacy and personal conduct?”

Read the entire Op-Ed for answers and provoking thoughts.

No parent intentionally lets their child be hijacked; nor, should parents stand by while state governments and schools supplant parental roles and rights.

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