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November 15, 2011 Print

Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

by Dawn McBane

We continue to see non-profit organizations shutting down due to loss of government funding.  Why?  Because these groups refuse to compromise their faith beliefs and standards.  In this era of the government looking unfavorably on faith based groups, comes a great story from two organizations in Colorado. 

Liza’s Place and Hope Home, two women’s shelters dedicated to helping “homeless, previously incarcerated women with programs of restoration through the Love of Jesus, Bible truths and self-discipline,”  lost their government funding because they require women living in the shelters to attend mandatory Bible studies.

After hearing of their plight, conservative radio talk show host Glenn Beck and his wife wrote a check for $55,000, the total sum of government funding that the groups lost.

Rather than simply decrying the loss of government funding, Beck stepped in and made a difference.  When asked on his radio show what made him donate the money, he responded with this:

You know what did that — capitalism. I have made money. I have worked hard. I have done the things that put me in a situation to where I can make money. And then my wife and I decide what do to with that money.

And if the government doesn’t think that a faith-based charity should get any money, well then it is up to me, an individual who believes in small government, to make up the difference.

As we watch our government become increasingly hostile to those who hold to the Christian faith, the question is whether Americans will step up and help those less fortunate in such tangible ways.