November 18, 2011 Print

Thanksgiving Family Forum Available Worldwide

by Karla Dial

The first Thanksgiving Family Forum between Republican presidential hopefuls will be held at 5 p.m. EST tomorrow. And thanks to a live webcast provided by CitizenLink, every seat in the house — including your house — is the best one.

The webcast will feature four cameras; the video will start half an hour before the event gets under way.

“I actually got to rent a satellite truck, which will be right parked outside the church,” said Stuart Shepard, CitizenLink’s senior director of media. “It’ll send the video back to our headquarters here in Colorado, where we’ll send it out on the Web. The satellite feed allows us to also share the Forum with TV stations that want to grab clips of what’s being talked about. So, it’s cost effective, and it allows us to offer the video to broadcasters nationwide.”

Two places viewers can find the Forum on the Internet: www.citizenlink.com and our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/citizenlink.

“When people drop by CitizenLink.com during that time, they’ll find a simplified page with just the video player and a few other items. For example, they’ll also be able to see what people are Tweeting about the Forum,” Shepard said. On the CitizenLink Facebook page, “look in the left-hand column for ‘Livestream.’ Click on that and you’re there.”

In addition, 86 radio stations and 64 television stations will carry either live or delayed broadcasts of the Forum; others will stream it on the respective websites. For a complete list, click the banner on our home page. The Bott Radio Network also has a downloadable app for anyone wishing to listen to live audio on their iPhone or Android.

And if weekend chores prevent you from doing any of those things, you still have an opportunity to see what the candidates have to say about their views on pro-family issues.

“We hope to get the entire two-hour video of the Forum posted on CitizenLink.com by Monday morning at the latest,” Shepard said. “We encourage people to watch it live, but we understand not everyone will be able to. Our main goal is that people get to hear where the candidates stand on pro-family issues.”

Learn more about the Thanksgiving Family Forum, including ticket prices and location.

CitizenLink Executive Director Tom Minnery wrote an article that appears on The Washington Post’s “On Faith” blog.

Learn more about Luntz’s consulting firm, Luntz Global.

If you could ask the candidates anything about personal experiences that have shaped their views on faith and family, what would it be? Tweet your questions to @CitizenLink using the #tff11 hashtag, or post them on our Facebook page anytime from now through Nov. 18. If we can pose your question to the candidates, we will.

CitizenLink is facing an $88,000 expense to share this landmark event with millions of voters through live online streaming AND a rebroadcast of segments on radio stations that carry the “Focus on the Family” program. (We’ll have to pay for the radio airtime.) But we believe that this is such an incredible opportunity for values voters that we want to do everything in our power to share this event with the 1.5 million listeners who tune in to the “Focus on the Family” broadcast each day.

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