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November 23, 2011 Print

MLB Passes Sexual-Orientation Discrimination Ban

by Karla Dial

In a new collective bargaining agreement set to be released today, Major League Baseball is adding “sexual orientation” to its employment policy.

The new agreement amends an existing section of the league’s Basic Agreement, which has been in effect for the last five years, which states that it “shall be applied to all Players … without regard to race, color, religion or national origin” by adding the words “sexual orientation.”

Peter Sprigg, senior fellow for policy studies at the Family Research Council, said the pressure gay activists are putting on sports leagues to adopt such language is cause for concern.

“In the larger picture, the homosexual activists are trying to have their ideology become dominant not only in the most liberal segments of society, like academia, but in the most conservative institutions, such as the military, the church, and now in sports,” he said. “Liberals attack conservatives for the idea of legislating morality, but this is exactly what’s happening when one of these codes is adopted. It’s saying that anyone who disapproves of homosexual conduct, for whatever reason, is a bigot and we are taking a moral stance against that.

“This is not a neutral act. It’s taking sides in the culture war.”

The National Football League added sexual orientation to its policy earlier this year, following the National Hockey League in 2005 and Major League Soccer in 2004. Gay activist groups are now pushing for the National Basketball Association to do the same.

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