December 15, 2011 Print

Evangelical Environmental Network Confuses Pro-Life Voters

by Karla Dial

An advertising campaign being waged in eight states and the District of Columbia by the Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN) claims that supporting the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed mercury emissions restrictions is a “pro-life” thing to do.

Problem is, its only real effect would be to return more pro-abortion legislators to Congress next year, says E. Calvin Beisner, Ph.D., founder of the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation.

According to the EEN, one of every six American babies is born with harmful blood mercury levels, “which causes permanent brain damage in the unborn and infants.” Therefore, the 12 federal legislators EEN is thanking with radio, TV and billboard ads for supporting the EPA restrictions are “pro-life.”

In truth, only one in every 1,000 American babies is exposed to harmful doses of mercury, and the slight delays in cognitive development it may cause generally disappear by age 7, says Beisner. Moreover, all 12 of the federal legislators EEN is supporting are among the most pro-abortion Congress has to offer.

“Calling this ‘pro-life’ is quite a misnomer, but it will result in a lot of people being confused about who’s really pro-life and who’s not,” Beisner said. “Some of these people have 100 percent pro-abortion voting records in Congress, so people need to know they’re really getting the wool pulled over their eyes if they fall for this.”

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