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February 24, 2012 Print

Maryland Legislators Redefine Marriage

by CitizenLink Team

Maryland is poised to become the eighth state redefining marriage after the state Senate passed a bill on a 25-22 vote Thursday.

The House of Delegates passed the legislation last week, and Gov. Martin O’Malley, who sponsored it, is expected to sign it shortly.

Supporters of marriage, led by Maryland Family Alliance President Derek McCoy, are working on a referendum to overturn the law. They will need approximately 56,000 signatures to put the referendum on November’s ballot.

A similar referendum effort is currently underway in Washington state, which passed a same-sex marriage bill two weeks ago. Such measures have succeeded in the past: When Maine redefined marriage in 2009, Maine citizens successfully repealed the law.

“The battle to uphold marriage in Maryland is not over,” McCoy said. “The institution of marriage has not yet been redefined; this bill will not go into effect until the people of Maryland have had a say. The Maryland Marriage Alliance is confident that citizens from around the state will speak loud and clear at the voting box that the timeless, universal, and special institution of marriage does have incredible value and should remain defined as one man, one woman.

Last year, the Maryland Senate also passed a same-sex marriage bill on a 25-22 vote, but family advocates changed enough minds in the House of Delegates to prevent its passage.

Read Maryland HB 438.



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