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Tony Evans

Friday 5: Pastor Tony Evans

by CitizenLink Team

Dr. Tony Evans, pastor of a church that’s home to more than 9,000 people and team chaplain for both the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks, is the author of a newly released book on biblical manhood, titled Kingdom Man: Every Man’s Destiny, Every Woman’s Dream.

CitizenLink: As the Republican primaries are going on, it seems that Christians are confused. Mitt Romney has the most delegates, but he can’t seem to close the deal. What questions should Christians be asking as they head to the polls?

Tony Evans: Many, if not most, Christians begin with the wrong question of who they should vote for rather than the more important question of how they should vote. Asking the correct question is fundamental to knowing how to arrive at the correct answer and knowing who to vote for — knowing which candidate running for president is indeed a kingdom man.

CL: What do you mean by that?

TE: As a Christian, your responsibility when you cast your vote will be to understand the principles of God’s Kingdom and His values, and then compare these with the content and character of whatever person, party, platform, or policy for which you will cast your vote. To walk into a voting booth and simply pull a lever because that is what your friends do, that is what your family does, or that is how you have always voted will be to neglect one of the greatest responsibilities you have, which is to cast a vote for the values of the Kingdom of God.

CL: So what kind of homework should Christians be doing right now?

TE: Your vote ought to be determined by an intentional knowledge of God’s Kingdom and purposes on earth, combined with a thorough understanding of the issue or candidate at hand. Then you will not only cast your votes for the betterment of your country, but you will also cast your votes for the advancement of God’s Kingdom and for a Kingdom man.

CL: So how are you planning to vote?

TE: When people ask you how you are going to vote in any upcoming election, your answer shouldn’t be, “I’m going to vote with this side” or “I’m going to vote with that side.” Your answer ought to be, “I’m voting with God because He has His own side. I am going to vote for the party, person, or platform that best represents God’s values to advance His Kingdom.”

CL: Do you think God favors one party more than another?

TE: God is not merely a God of Democrats. Nor is He merely a God of Republicans. God does not ride the backs of either donkeys or elephants. Like the captain of the Lord’s army, God didn’t come to take sides; He came to take over. America should be looking for a Kingdom man not only to run their home, but this country.

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