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April 13, 2012 Print

You Want to Silence People

by Jeff Johnston

Groups like CitizenLink gained a surprising ally last week: Chris Matthews. Well, on one issue anyway. Matthews spoke strongly about not silencing those of us who think homosexuality falls outside God’s design for sexuality.

We’ve been writing for a long time about some gay-identified activists who work to silence any opposition. In January 2011, for example, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation started a petition asking CNN and other media outlets to stop giving “anti-gay activists* a platform for their false and dangerous messages.” This year they upped the ante, joining with other groups to form the “Commentator Accountability Project”, an attempt to blacklist conservatives from speaking in the media about homosexuality.  

That’s where Chris Matthews – not exactly known for his conservative views – comes in. A couple people from Faithful America** approached Matthews at a book signing and asked why he interviews Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, on his television program. Matthews responded,

I don’t believe in Fatwas. I don’t believe in silencing people…. I don’t believe in it, okay…. I want people to hear; I want everybody to hear all the arguments. It’s a free country. You want to silence people. You want to silence people.

“You want to silence people.” Indeed. Here’s just one recent example of a homosexual activist who wants to silence people. Jim Morrison does an online video commentary each week for Advocate.com. Last week, in his “For and Against List,” Morrison said that he is “against” the media “because the media too often tolerates these people and their homophobic views that come from religion.” 

So much for tolerance and diversity. And kudos to Mr. Matthews for standing up for free speech and the need for people to hear different sides on issues.


*By “anti-gay activist,” GLAAD means anyone who believes and speaks out on the truth that God designed sex to unite a man and a woman in marriage, ruling out sexual activity outside that union, with children being a possible result.

**Members of Faithful America have revised scripture and overturned 4,000 years of Judeo-Christian teaching in order to approve of homosexual behavior, identity and attractions.