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May 23, 2012 Print

Day of Dialogue Announces Student Blog-Contest Winners

by CitizenLink Team

Two public high school students have won top honors in the Day of Dialogue Student Blog contest.

The first-place finisher is Katie, a 17-year-old from Colorado. Charlie, 17, from Ohio took second.

The national contest was sponsored by Focus on the Family in conjunction with its April 19 Day of Dialogue® — which encouraged students to talk to their friends about God’s love and design for relationships.

Katie wrote about how “God always has something new to teach us,” and how, as humans, we’re often “pushing God to the back burner.” In the end, she wrote, “He’s the one we most need.”

For her, the lesson was partly learned through dialogue in class. 

“That day we were having some really interesting conversations in class anyway, so I was able to sort of bring up what I believed,” she said. “A lot of the class actually believed the opposite of what I did, especially when it comes to gay relationships or abortion. So it was kind of interesting almost debating it back and forth … They were able to see my point of view also.”

Charlie emphasized how students having the freedom to articulate Biblical values will impact the nation’s future for the better.

“I predict that in future years, with more and more students joining the effort to speak on behalf of Christian values, that the Day of Dialogue will emerge as a monumental grassroots initiative that brings Judeo-Christian morals … back to our nation,” he wrote. 

He found his friends were willing to listen at school.

“It seemed like more people were eager to hear about God’s love and compassion toward people that are vulnerable and hurting,” he said. “And I was happy to say that I was a part of that.”

Katie won a Nook Color™ tablet. Charlie received a gift card to Best Buy®, which he is donating to his youth group so it can buy a projector.

Katie’s blog appears today on CitizenLink.com. Charlie’s will appear on the site tomorrow. Both winning entries can be read today.

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