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August 28, 2012 Print

California Multiple-Parent Bill Advances

by Bethany Monk

The California General Assembly approved a bill Monday that would authorize the courts to decide whether it’s in a child’s best interest to have more than two legal parents.

Senate Bill 1476 was introduced by state Sen. Mark Leno, who regularly introduces legislation from a gay-activist perspective, in February. This bill appears to be aimed at deconstructing what it means to be a “family.”

“The whole idea is absolutely ludicrous,” said Glenn Stanton, director of Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family. “It will harm and hurt the child. Basically, the child develops a parenting structure that turns more into a community of adults, rather than a mom and a dad committed to raising the child.”

S.B. 1476 passed the General Assembly on a 50-19 vote. It now heads back to the Senate for final passage.

Read California S.B.1476.



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