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September 21, 2012 Print

Restored Hope for Sexually and Relationally Broken People

by Jeff Johnston

A new network has formed to help connect people struggling with sexual and relational brokenness with individuals and ministries who can provide help and healing. The Restored Hope Network announced its formation and first conference recently. Restored Hope members specialize in helping men and women with unwanted same-sex attractions, but many of them also provide support for those recovering from sexual abuse or sexual addiction, along with information and help for their family and friends.

The network includes a number of solid ministries and men and women who have years of ministry experience, including: Andy Comiskey, director of Desert Stream Ministries; Dr. Robert Gagnon, who wrote a seminal book on the Bible and homosexuality; Jason Thompson, director of the Portland Fellowship; and Kristen Tremba, director of Exchange Ministries.

Sexually and relationally broken – just think about it for a minute:

  • Because of Adam’s sin, our whole self is impacted by sin – including our identity, our sexuality and our ability to connect and maintain healthy relationships
  • After they sinned, Adam and Eve feel ashamed, hide from God and begin blaming others; their eldest boy kills his brother; relational brokenness – inside families and between us and God
  • Our culture is saturated with broken sexuality, and we’re exposed to it and impacted by it from childhood on; sexual brokenness runs deep in our world; it’s so much a part of our background that we don’t always notice
  • Satan roams the earth like a lion, using sexual and relational brokenness to destroy individuals, families, churches, groups, businesses….

I could go on, of course, but the good news is that Jesus came to call us to repent, to tell us the truth, to seek and save the lost and to bring healing and restoration through his death, burial and resurrection. Sometimes he heals and restores people directly and immediately. More often, the church is to be the vehicle: providing counseling, offering hope, training in spiritual disciplines, teaching the truth, and walking alongside hurting people. Because of individuals with different background and decisions, some people need greater help in this area than others – that’s what these ministries offer. We’re grateful that there are more and more resources available for those seeking sexual and relational wholeness.

For more information about homosexuality, healthy sexuality and restoration, check out these resources:





  • Old dissenter

    It does look like all the leaders of a previous generation getting together and manning the walls against any real or imaginary change. One might think it is all about male ego. sadly it shows what we Christians are good at – division. Odd name; hope has never gone away therefore how canit be restored?
    As these are established ministries I can’t see how they offer more than they did before this split was formed; really most sad, most sad.

  • JohnstonJeff

    Jerome Reiter sent a comment to my article in which he purports
    to give a “History of the ‘ex-gay’ movement in brief.” In his comment, he
    mentions several people who were involved in different ministries who have
    since gone back into homosexuality. I can’t verify how the people he mentions
    act or self-identify, and don’t want to mischaracterize them, so I won’t be
    posting his comment. In addition, his comment contains several inaccuracies, another
    reason not to post it.

    I’ll just say this: Yes, there are some people who are
    involved in ex-gay ministries who go back into homosexuality. That’s to be expected,
    sadly, when you’re dealing with complex and difficult issues such as sin,
    identity and sexuality. What’s more remarkable, to me, is the steady and consistent
    growth of ministries and counselors available to people with unwanted same-sex
    attractions, identities and behaviors. Also remarkable are the profound changes
    that many people experience through their involvement in these ministries. The
    Restored Hope Network is just one more group bringing restoration,
    transformation and redemption to the sexually and relationally broken.

  • JohnstonJeff

    Hi Courtney – Yes, many of the support groups also assist men and women to manage their opposite-sex attractions in a biblical manner – within a chaste marriage between a husband and wife or in chaste singleness.

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