October 3, 2012 Print

Paul Ryan Discusses Family, Faith and Freedom With Focus on the Family

by Karla Dial

As the nation waits for answers to critical questions in the first presidential debate taking place in Denver tonight, vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan offers Focus on the Family President Jim Daly some perspective in a broadcast airing today.

“This is the most important election of your generation — no matter what generation you belong to,” Ryan said. “We’re deciding what kind of country and people we’ll be, for the next generation at least. We’re on the cusp of deciding if our children and grandchildren will be better off or not.

“It’s not too late to fix it, but we need everybody’s help.”

In the 28-minute interview, Daly and Ryan discuss some of the political and moral issues that are of great concern to value voters — including abortion, marriage, religious freedom and the proper roles Church, family and government have to play in helping the poor.

“The government we have now, especially the leadership we have now, is government without a limiting principle,” Ryan said. “Those of us who are conservatives don’t believe in no government, but it has to take its right role. The individual and family are the primacy of our community. Religious rights — that’s our first freedom. And government needs to respect these rights.

“The role of our government is to protect our natural rights and to promote the quality of opportunity so we can make the most of our lives. I think the president is deviating from that philosophy to an area where it’s destroying our common principles. The growth of his government is encroaching on our family lives. When government grows too big, it tears at the core fabric of our civil society that bring us together.”

Daly said it’s important for listeners to hear directly from each campaign in order to make up their minds whom to support before Election Day. Vice President Joe Biden has also been invited to be a guest on the daily radio broadcast.

“There’s no such thing as too much information when you’re doing something as important as choosing a president,” Daly said while driving to Denver to attend the debate.

“As a voter myself, I’m looking forward to tonight’s debate and the opportunity to hear President Obama and Gov. Romney articulate, side-by-side for the first time, their plans for the future of our country. I hope they both take the opportunity to discuss their positions on the issues that are nearest and dearest to my heart — the sanctity of human life, the sacredness of marriage and the preservation of religious liberty as guaranteed by our Constitution.”

Listen to the broadcast.