October 8, 2012 Print

Another Secular Business Sues Obama Administration

by Bethany Monk

A Chicago business owner filed a lawsuit today against the Obama administration, challenging a mandate requiring companies to offer contraceptives and potential abortion-inducing drugs under their insurance plans.

John Kennedy, president of both Autocam Automotive and Autocam Medical, said the government’s health care law forces him and his family to abandon their religious beliefs, which motivated them to offer high wages and quality benefits. The company was named one of Michigan’s healthiest employers this year for its benefits plan.  

“The Affordable Care Act requires that businesses offer health care that covers drugs and procedures that violate the sanctity of human life,” Kennedy said. “Essentially, we are forced between violating our religious convictions, stripping our associates of benefits or shutting down our business.”

Under the mandate, most businesses had to begin offering the insurance coverage in August. Some faith-based organizations, including Catholic hospitals, universities and ministries, have until August 2013 to comply.

Autocam spokesperson Dan Ohlson told Citizenlink the company is hopeful about the case.

“Our intent is to build awareness of the consequences of the Affordable Care Act,” he said. “We’re hoping to educate folks so they understand that their religious liberties are significantly affected.”

Kennedy founded the medical and automotive manufacturing companies in 1988.

Read Autocam v. Sebelius.



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