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October 30, 2012 Print

Same-Sex Marriage Support Down in Washington

by Karla Dial

With only a week left until Election Day, support for marriage in Washington appears to be growing, while efforts to redefine the institution have stagnated despite a huge outpouring of cash from liberal corporations and special-interest groups.

According to the results of a poll taken on Oct. 24, support for a ballot initiative asking voters to redefine marriage — Ref. 74 — has fallen below 50 percent for the first time (49 percent) while voters who say they will reject the measure has risen to 45 percent since tracking began in July. That means the initiative is in a statistical dead heat heading into the polls.

The Washington Legislature passed a bill creating same-sex marriage in February, but conservative and faith-based organizations, which formed a coalition called Preserve Marriage Washington, successfully gathered enough petition signatures to put the matter before the people. If Ref. 74 passes, Washington will become the seventh state to create same-sex marriage; a “no” vote will maintain the definition as the union of one man and one woman. Similar measures will be decided in Maine and Maryland, which could also push the count up.

But as support for Ref. 74 has stagnated, violence against marriage supporters has risen statewide, including an assault on an elderly woman and eggs being thrown at teenagers with “No on 74” signs. On Monday, a same-sex marriage activist posted a video of herself on Facebook with the two dozen yard signs she had stolen from marriage supporters.

Preserve Marriage Washington plans to file a criminal complaint.

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