December 3, 2012 Print

Medical Board Sues Late-term Abortionist

by Bethany Monk

The New Mexico Medical Board (NMMB) has filed a suit against a late-term abortionist alleging she committed gross negligence for aborting a 35-week-old preborn baby outside a hospital on a woman whose medical history includes a previous Caesearian delivery.

NMMB is accusing late-term abortionist Shelley Sella of ignoring the woman’s medical history, which would have disqualified her from having the induction abortion. Sella, according to NMMB, also overused a uterine stimulant to increase the severity of the woman’s contractions until her uterus ruptured, according to Operation Rescue.

A hearing in the case was held Thursday in Albuquerque. A ruling is expected within the next few months, according to Operation Rescue.

Full-term abortions are currently legal in New Mexico, a practice Operation Rescue President Troy Newman describes as a “dirty little secret.”

“The government often pays, like in New Mexico, for these late-term abortions, and if they can go to an endless supply for money and receive that, they’re going to charge as much as they can,” Newman said.  

Tara Shaver of Project Defending Life and Cheryl Sullenger, senior public policy advisor for Operation Rescue, filed complaints with NMMB after Shaver discovered more than a dozen 911 recordings via open record requests, according to Operation Rescue.

Read Shelley Sella’s Notice of Contemplated Action.


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