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January 3, 2013 Print

Focus on the Family Helps Save Thousands of Marriages

by Bethany Monk

You don’t start at “Z” — you start at “A” when working to enhance or save your marriage, said Focus on the Family (FOTF) counselor James Groesbeck LCSW, LMFT.

As one of the 15 FOTF counselors who provide free help to people who call the ministry’s counseling department, Groesbeck said a majority of the 10 to 15 calls he receives each day deal with marriage.

The Christian Post featured FOTF’s counseling program in an article Tuesday, saying the counselors helped more than 75,000 people in 2012. The ministry as a whole helped save one marriage every six minutes last year.

Groesbeck said he encourages callers concerned about their marriage to spend time together doing something both spouses enjoy — whether it’s going on a walk, seeing a movie, or reading the same book.

He also encourages implementing good communication skills. “That means you are able to express what you desire and what you like,” he said.

Conflict resolution, when husbands and wives discuss their feelings and concerns about the problem, as well as brainstorm solutions, “needs to be exhaustive,” Groesbeck added.

Sometimes couples try to solve a problem before they enact these three steps, he said, adding that these steps help provide a strong foundation.

Nonetheless, it’s best to treat marital issues as soon as possible.

“If you tend to things now, you can mitigate and enhance the relationship,” Groesbeck said, “but if you bury the problem, it will fester. It will come up in a number of different areas.” 

The Post also mentioned that 65 percent of the ministry’s Daily Broadcast deals with marriage and parenting issues.

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