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January 24, 2013 Print

New Hampshire Sex Ed Bill Supports Family Values

by Bethany Monk

New Hampshire lawmakers are considering a bill that would give parents the authority to decide whether they want their children to attend sex education lessons in the public school setting.

Ralph Boehm, R-N.H., introduced HB 161 to the House Committee earlier this month.

The state already has a law in place letting parents opt their children out for religious reasons. The bill would give further protection and authority to parents, who could remove their children from such programs for any reason.

“We support legislation that puts parents in control of what their children are taught about sexuality,” said Chad Hills, CitizenLink’s analyst for sexual health. “Only parents can impart family values and beliefs about sexuality to their children. When schools or government trump this parental authority, that’s when policy turns bad.”

Learn more about HB 161.


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