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January 25, 2013 Print

Rhode Island House Passes Same-Sex Marriage Bill

by Bethany Monk

The Rhode Island House of Representatives approved a bill Thursday that would redefine marriage if passed by lawmakers in the Senate.

This week’s vote marks the first time lawmakers in the state have voted to redefine marriage. In 2011, sponsors of the bill tried, but were unsuccessful with moving it forward. Also that year, Gov. Lincoln Chafee signed a civil union bill into law.

Christopher Plante, executive director of Rhode Island’s National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is confident the bill will die in the Senate.

“The vote in the House was completely expected,” Plante told CitizenLink, “but we have known for some time that the real battle lies in the Senate.” 

NOM and its allies have helped inspire hundreds of calls to representatives and senators from people opposing the legislation. Many Assembly members have received calls running 10-1 against the bill.

Lawmakers who voted for the legislation are not supporting family values, Plante said.

“By voting to redefine marriage, the representatives who supported this legislation voted for a future in which the words ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ are meaningless,” Plante said. “They voted for a future where children are intentionally deprived of either their mother or father, where people of faith are continually under threat of attack, and where parents may lose the right to direct the education of their children.”  

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