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May 29, 2013 Print

NYC Introduces Sex App For Teens

by Bethany Monk

The New York City Health Department is now offering a free “sexual health” app for teens to download to their smart phones. It describes where they can get birth control, possible abortion-induction drugs and abortions.

“New York’s policies represent a blatant disregard and disrespect for parents and minors; specifically, as state policy relates to ‘sexual health services,’” said Chad Hills, CitizenLink research and policy analyst for sexual health.

The “info” tab on the app reminds teens that in New York City, they do not need their parents’ permission for “sexual health” services, which includes abortions.

Teens may also access the NYC Teen website via the app. The site includes videos about teens who are having sex. In “Samantha’s Story,” a girl talks about having sex with her boyfriend of five months, and mentions her same-sex attraction toward her best friend. “Samantha” also mentions a trip to an “LGBT-friendly” center where a counselor says her same-sex attractions are “totally normal.”

The information provided by the app is sending the wrong message to teens, Hills explained.

“Teaching children to avoid and deceive their parents — in exchange for questionable ‘health’ advice and ‘services’ — endangers and exploits children, while eroding core family principles in the areas of parent-child communication, connectedness and child well-being.”

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