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May 30, 2013 Print

‘SheZow’ Cartoon Promotes Gender Confusion

by Bethany Monk

A Children’s network is releasing a cartoon featuring a 12-year-old boy who changes gender after saying “You Go Girl!” while using a power ring.

The new cartoon underscores society’s confusion about sexuality and gender.

“’SheZow’ presents at a pop-culture level what transgender activists believe and what some academics have taught for years: that gender is completely socially constructed and that people can change genders,” said Jeff Johnston, gender issues analyst for CitizenLink.

Girls and boys need adult guidance to grow into healthy women and men.

“Instead of giving kids good role models to follow,” Johnston said, “this cartoon reflects our culture’s confusion about the two sexes, and kids don’t need that confused message.”

The cartoon will premiere on the Hub Saturday.

Parents should approach this show the way they would address any other problematic material, said Adam Holz, senior associate editor for Plugged In.

“For younger children, I think it’s appropriate to say, ‘That’s a show that we’ve got some concerns about as a family, and we’ll not be watching it,'” Holz said.

For older children, the show could present a learning opportunity — always at the parents’ discretion, he explained.

“For an older child, a show like ‘SheZow’ could be a great teachable moment to talk about the reality and truth of gender as God has designed it.”

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