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June 5, 2013 Print

The Bathroom Bill — The Implications

by Guest Author

by Daniel Street for the Delaware Family Policy Council
June 4, 2013

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Legislators are being told that this bill simply eliminates discrimination against transgender individuals, but the implications of this bill are outrageous.

This law makes gender about how someone “feels right now,” instead of their biological DNA.

Adding “gender identity” as a protected class would impact Delaware citizens, as well as businesses, organizations, schools, universities, and government agencies handling any matter that considers gender or hires employees. This broad scope will impact most organizations in Delaware.

Implications of the bill:

  • Organizations must allow people to access gender-segregated programs, activities, and facilities in accordance with the sex they choose. For example, an all-girls school would have to allow a biological male to participate in classes or athletic programs.
  • Organizations such as schools with dorms, homeless shelters or rehabilitation centers would have to allow individuals to be housed with the gender that they choose. A women’s homeless shelter, for example, must allow a biological male who professes a female identity to sleep in the women’s facilities.
  • Organizations would have to allow individuals to access bathrooms, showers, and locker-room facilities in accordance with the sex they choose. Creating a separate “family” or “unisex” bathroom is proving to still not be enough to prevent a lawsuit. (see examples below)

  Consider the following examples:

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