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July 31, 2013 Print

New Animated FOX Program for Teens Features Sexually Explicit Content

by Bethany Monk

A national organization is speaking up against an animated program that features violent and explicit sexual content. The show is targeted to teenagers.

The animated show debuted Saturday on the FOX Broadcasting Company. The program, Animation Domination High-Def (ADHD), contains profane language and several references to sexual situations, including derogatory comments about the human body.

The Parents Television Council (PTC) is calling out one of the show’s sponsors for helping to support such subject matter.

“If Extended Stay America’s decision to align with FOX’s ADHD programming was intentional and not accidental, then the company is complicit in bringing to broadcast television a program about high school children graphically ‘sexting’ each other,” said PTC President Tim Winter. “The company’s advertisements aired during a broadcast of a cartoon that featured unbleeped profanity and graphic dialogue …. Ostensibly endorsing and laughing at a horrific societal problem.”

It’s no surprise why FOX began its run during the summer, said PTC Senior Writer Christopher Gildemeister.

“Children are off school and permitted to stay up later,” he explained. “Fox Entertainment Chairman Kevin Reilly has already declared his intention to push this programming at children (saying): ‘I see this as a seeding ground for prime time. I would like to grow the next ‘Family Guy’ out of that period … I’m hoping to rise to the surface that can graduate to Sundays.”

PTC is a non-partisan organization advocating for responsible entertainment. The group also works with elected and appointed officials to enforce broadcast decency standards.

“The Parents Television Council publicly asks Extended Stay America if such explicit programming aligns with their corporate values,” Winter explained. “If it does not, then we urge Extended Stay America — and other advertisers on ADHD as well — to reconsider sponsoring such graphic content on future episodes of this program. We will continue to hold them — and any other sponsors — publicly accountable for the content they underwrite with their media dollars.”

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