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October 22, 2013 Print

Law Will Help Protect Adoptive Families

by Bethany Monk

A recently passed law will help California children and families who are going through the adoption process. AB 848 lets birth parents sign a waiver forgoing their right to back out of the adoption process.

“This law will help streamline the adoption process and make it easier for families who want to provide needy children with a loving home,” said Jonathan Keller, CEO of the California Family Council. “It will save them from a lifetime of bouncing from home to home.”

Authored by Republican Jim Patterson, the bill received no opposition from other lawmakers. Gov. Jerry Brown signed the measure into law on Oct. 11.

The law states that if the birth parents sign the waiver in the presence of an authorized representative of a private adoption agency, the action becomes final at the close of the next business day.

It also allows an abbreviated assessment or home study of a licensed or certified foster parent who wants to adopt.  These assessments will include a review by the department or adoption agency.

“Gov. Brown signed a good, non-controversial bill here,” said Carrie Gordon Earll, senior director of Public Policy for Focus on the Family. “However, that doesn’t negate his long history of promoting abortion and homosexuality at any cost, regardless of the harm done to women, children and marriage in his state.”  

Keller hopes to see more legislation like AB 848.

“This is a great example of of how Republicans and Democrats can work together for the best of interests of children and families,” Keller explained.  “We hope that is the first of many bipartisan, pro-family bills passed in state of California.”

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