October 24, 2013 Print

European Parliament: Abortion is Not a Human Right

by Bethany Monk

The European Parliament this week rejected a measure that would force EU nations to declare abortion a human right.

Wendy Wright, with the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM), said it would have been a “back door way” of forcing abortion on other countries.

“And it not only would have told countries in Europe that they must have abortion, but even would have told them that they must implement sex education — giving a reference to a certain curricula that was promoted by the World Health Organization,” said Wright, C-Fam’s vice president for government relations.

WHO is a pro-abortion organization that guides the UN on “global health matters.”

Some members of the Parliament voted to send the pro-abortion report back to committee, while others wanted it removed entirely.

“It was expected just to sail through because only five minutes was allowed for debate — and it was only because pro-life and pro-family activists in Europe really geared up,” Wright explained. “And to the surprise, I think, of the woman who introduced this measure, it did not pass.”

There are plenty of activists in the U.S. pushing for late-term abortion.

“It’s a teaching moment so that we can point out to people that there are, in fact, some in high positions who believe that a certain class of human beings should be killed indiscriminately — that mothers should not be protected from the abortion industry that wants no limits, no restrictions on what they do to women.”

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