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October 24, 2013 Print

Kentucky: ‘The United Way Should Not be Political,’ Says Family Group

by Guest Author

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by Martin Cothran

The Family Foundation today said the United Way of the Bluegrass should be engaging in charity, not politics. The group responded to reports that the United Way was pulling funding of the local chapter of the Boys Scouts because of the organization’s policy against hiring gay scoutmasters.

“This is the first time to our knowledge that the United Way of the Bluegrass has targeted a group for persecution because it didn’t hold a particular political position,” said Martin Cothran, spokesman for The Family Foundation.

The group said it was trying to find out if the action was taken unilaterally by United Way’s president, Bill Farmer, or whether the United Way board voted on the action. “If this was a board decision, we would like to know which of the local banks and insurance agencies and computer companies who are represented on their board want the Boy Scouts de-funded.” Cothran said his group will try to determine how the decision was made and by whom.

“The United Way should be a politically non-partisan organization,” said Cothran. “Now it seems to be moving in a more political direction. Instead of trying to intimidate the nonprofit organizations it supports into following its increasingly liberal political agenda, it should be trying to help its member groups. This is a disservice to the community and we think it hurts United Way’s credibility.”

Cothran said his group is urging United Way donors to send the money they would otherwise give the United Way to the local chapter of the Boy Scouts of America instead. “That way it will go to help children, not support liberal political causes.”

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