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January 7, 2014 Print

Take Action: Indiana Lawmakers to Consider Marriage Amendment — Again

by Bethany Monk

Indiana lawmakers are facing a critical vote on whether to allow the people to decide the definition of marriage.

Ryan McCann, director of operations and public policy at the Indiana Family Institute, is hopeful lawmakers will approve the amendment.

“The odds are pretty good,” he told CitizenLink. “It’s important the people of Indiana communicate with their state senators and state representatives to let them know that they support marriage. The majority of the members of the Legislature have either voted for the marriage amendment in the past, or have vocally given support for it at some point. It’s important for folks to encourage their legislators to continue to support marriage.”

For an amendment to pass in Indiana, it must be approved by two separate sessions of the Legislature, and then goes to the people for a final vote. The state Legislature approved the amendment in 2011. If it passes in the current session, the people would vote in November.

Groups that want to redefine marriage are definitely hard at work and are well-funded.

“They’ve been very active getting businesses and other folks recruited to oppose the marriage amendment,” he explained.

Indiana families, though, continue to stand for God’s design for marriage.

“We’re working hard on our side,” McCann said, “trying to get folks to make sure legislators know that the people of Indiana support marriage.”

Take Action for Marriage
If you live in Indiana, please contact your state lawmakers immediately. You may quickly and easily send a short note expressing your support for marriage through our Action Center.

Learn more about the Indiana Family Institute.