January 21, 2014 Print

CitizenLink Radio Extra: The Best of Stoplight

by CitizenLink Team

Stoplight Every Friday on our CitizenLink radio broadcast, you hear Stuart Shepard’s unique commentaries on pro-family issues. They’re sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant, but they always get to the heart of an issue.

What many people may not know is Stuart began his commentary series way back in 2007 as an online video called Stoplight. The commentaries you hear on the radio are available for you to share as videos here on CitizenLink.com.

Along the way, Stoplight has drawn the attention of the mainstream news media. On MSNBC, Keith Olbermann dubbed Stuart, “The Worst Person in the World.” Bill O’Reilly called all of us “Patriots” on Fox News. Humorist Jeanne Moos featured Stoplight on CNN. And it’s been written about in every major newspaper in the U.S.

The videos are also a good tool you can use to reach your hard-to-convince friends. Because of its gentle appeal, rather than making them mad, it makes them think.

Stoplight was designed from the beginning to have a shot at “going viral,” and several episodes have been shared a lot – collecting millions of views. So, as our gift to you, here’s a collection of the most-viewed episodes, along with clips of Olbermann and O’Reilly. We also are including some of our favorite episodes, because we think you’ll enjoy seeing them.

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The Most-Viewed Episodes

A Walk for the President has collected more than 4 million views and is still enjoying a viral run. It was released in 2012.

O Beautiful from 2009 collected about 2 million views.

2007’s Merry Tossmas was Stuart’s first video to go viral. It got about 2.5 million views and still gets a rush of traffic every Christmas season as people share it again.

Olbermann and O’Reilly

Keith Olbermann took issue with a Stoplight episode during a presidential campaign, and about a hundred days later Bill O’Reilly praised a Christmas episode. (By the way, both shows incorrectly connect the video with our founding organization, Focus on the Family. Stoplight has always been a production of Citizenlink, which is a public policy partner of Focus. We’re even right here in the same building.)

Our Favorites

Would you want to shop at this store?

The lemonade sellers were shot in the “backyard” of Focus on the Family.

Jefferson’s statue is placed so that it’s facing the White House. They say it’s so he can keep an eye on the Executive Branch.

The Wind is a time-lapse view of a full day of clouds over Pikes Peak that Stuart shot. And, yes, this is one continuous shot.