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January 27, 2014 Print

Experts: Grammys Bring an Opportunity to Compare Worldviews

by Bethany Monk

It’s not unusual for the Grammys to glorify sex, drugs and debauchery. If you watched Sunday’s show, you were encouraged to get stoned and to “stay up all night to get lucky.”

Nothing new, really — for Hollywood.

But the show also featured a rapper telling the nation — through song — that we need to redefine marriage. During an instrumental break, 33 couples, some of whom were same-sex, exchanged rings. Queen Latifah officiated. And then Madonna showed up singing “Open Your Heart.”

Focus on the Family marriage and culture experts say this presents an opportunity to discuss the differences between a pop culture worldview and a Christian worldview.

“Worldview really answers the question: What is right; what is good; what is praiseworthy?” said Adam Holz, senior associate editor for PluggedIn.com. “Increasingly, the music world is offering a different view than we would offer as Christians.”

And that makes it a prime opportunity to have that conversation.

“It’s an issue that we’re seeing more and more,” Holz explained. “We wish that we didn’t have to discuss that issue with young people today, but they’re hearing about it. What’s changing is that, for decades, those of us who have watched pop music have seen the whole sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll cliché get worked out in various ways. Now we’re seeing more and more high-profile artists really get on the gay marriage bandwagon.”

Glenn Stanton, director for Family Formation Studies at Focus, called the Grammys marriage ceremony a “stunt.”

“It’s such a confused irony, because we’re expected to believe that same-sex marriage is just like any other marriage,” he said. “But people don’t go on TV, to some big event, and get married.

“You have Hollywood falling all over themselves to support anything other than male-female, married-for-life, raising-their-own-children marriage,” Stanton explained. “This is an indication to tell you same-sex marriage is altogether different than marriage. They had the heterosexual marriages in there to show that these are the ‘same things.’ But still, the heterosexual marriages on the Grammys were not serious marriages. Who honestly thinks that?”

The marriage ceremony, he said, was “just goofy — plain goofy,” and shows a lack of seriousness about marriage.

“They’re serious about being provocative,” he explained, “and they’re serious about turning everything that matters about family on its head.”

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