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March 27, 2014 Print

Take Action: Day of Dialogue Student Contest Taking Entries

by Bethany Monk

The battle for religious freedom continues to dominate the news. On Tuesday, in fact, we saw it play out at the highest level: at the U.S. Supreme Court. And in just a few weeks, thousands of students across the country will participate in a free-speech event in support of such freedom.

The Day of Dialogue, a student-organized event sponsored by Focus on the Family, will take place on April 10. College and high school students who chose to participate will initiate conversations with their peers and share their Christian perspective, especially when it comes to topics already being discussed in the schools, including same-sex marriage, sexuality and identity.

Students also have the opportunity to win colorful, orange or blue Day of Dialogue wristbands to help publicize the day. To enter, students must be at least 13 years old and under the age of 25.

“It’s really easy to enter the contest,” said Focus Education Analyst Candi Cushman. “All students need to do is follow the guidelines to submit a written statement of no more than three sentences, describing how their groups will use the wristbands to share Day of Dialogue’s message and God’s redemptive truth with classmates.”

The wristbands display the words “DayofDialogue.com” and “Let’s Talk!” The deadline to enter the contest is April 4.

Day of Dialogue is offering a new resource for students this year: The free downloadable “Student Guide: Get the Conversation Started!” provides a step-by-step guide on how to lead an event, as well as free-speech tools, such as downloadable T-shirts designs, posters and Conversation Cards,  for participating students.

In the guide, students will also find a quiz they can share with friends and a colorful, Conversation-Starter infographic linking to discussion questions and teen-friendly articles on hot-button topics such as, bullying issues, “God’s design for sexuality” and “Why Male and Female Matter,”  as well as tips on having grace-filled responses and fun videos

The event itself provides a safe place for faith-based perspectives.

“It ensures that Christian students have a place at the table and an equal opportunity to share their viewpoint on these current social issues,” Cushman said. “We believe that truth rises to the surface when honest conversations and a free exchange of ideas are allowed to happen.”

Take Action:
Let students know that they can sign up today for the April 10 event and download the free Student Guide.

Students can also enter the contest to win Day of Dialogue wristbands.

Learn more about the Day of Dialogue contest.



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